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Shamanic Healing One to One

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Shamanic Healing One to One


Shamanic Healing One to One

Is your life feeling over-shadowed? Then why not have a Shamanic Healing ?

Michael Conneely’s Shamanic Healings can either be in the Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo in the West of Ireland, or they are also available worldwide over the internet.
There is also superb accommodation at the Healing Centre in Foxford for those wishing to stay.
Shamanic Healing is a deep, empowering and visionary way of removing disempowering and wounding scripts implanted into your body and into your life. I do offer a range of specialised shamanic healings such as spiritual intrusion healing, soul retrieval (and Inner Child work), power animal retrieval, Spiritual Intrusions Healing, Heart-centred deposition (where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked), Soul renewal (by working with Fort Holders), Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling (whether from this life or ancestral).

This shamanic healing option is however general and can combine a number of shamanic healing strands as needed. Basically I do quite extensive, caring and expert preparatory work based on the details you send me as well as your western and Vedic Astrology (both natal and predictive). When we meet face to face I scan your body-energy system to locate implanted wounding. I then discuss this with you in the light of the preparatory work and set up healing and empowerment.

After payment please email me describing your symptoms/history: michaelconneely@gmail.com.
In the email, please would you send me a photo of yourself and also enclose your astrological natal data (date, time and place of birth).
I will then contact you back and I set up a face-to-face meeting or an internet contact appointment with you using zoom or skype.

FOOTNOTE: There’s loads of Healings, readings and courses available at the Foxford Healing Centre and ALSO offered worldwide from it.
And there’s ACCOMMODATION attached if you wish: www.foxfordairbnb.com

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