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Shamanic Healing: Heart Centered Deposition

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Shamanic Healing: Heart Centered Deposition

Shamanic healing: Heart Centered Deposition

Is your life feeling overshadowed? Then have a Shamanic Healing.

Michael Conneely’s Shamanic Healings can either be in the Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo in the West of Ireland, or they are also available worldwide over the internet.
There is also superb accommodation at the Healing Centre in Foxford for those wishing to stay.

Heart Centered Deposition is where ethically and with love, you are freed of over-shadowing of your life, leading to failure, illness and collapsed relationships.

Here’s an account of a Heart Centred Deposition Healing of a man whose life was overshadowed by damage from his mother, indeed damage from both parents.

It turned out that the man’s mother could only accept men in the family who were damaged (although she would officially deny this of course), so she could ‘look good’ by nursing them or visiting them in the institutions they ended up in. Examination of her astrology revealed that she had a ‘Neptune opposition’: in other words nothing was really real. She had a sorceress energy. She projected an artifice. She spun an illusion. And she punished the men in the family if they did not obey and totally fit the paradigm she laid down for life. She insisted on ‘wearing the trousers’. She looked good to friends and to parish members. Butter would not melt in her mouth.

In the healing, the man lay down; sacred space was created and the area smudged with burning sage and purified. To shamanic trance drumming, the man’s chakras or energy centres were then scanned, one by one, working down his body.

Two pieces of implanted damage were then psychically seen. This video describes the healing of one of them. There was a sense of shock as a horrible black fly was found. It was ‘seen’ eating its way into the flesh of his solar plexus: this is the chakra connected with healthy self-assertion in the middle of the body.

This was discussed with the client and this was when the story all came out.

In the healing that followed, the fly was flicked away. But a horrible cavity was found that the fly had eaten into the man’s flesh and infected. It was seen with a shudder. How could the man know how to assert himself naturally and properly?

The cavity was then cleaned out and flooded with golden white healing light – and then another power animal arose to be placed in the solar plexus area. A wonderful power animal!

This is an example of a part of one shamanic healing that in due course and with support transformed a life!

To have a shamanic healing get in touch with Michael Conneely: the healing can be face to face in the Foxford Healing centre or be held worldwide over the internet with skype or zoom.

FOOTNOTE: There’s loads of Healings, readings and courses available at the Foxford Healing Centre and ALSO offered worldwide from it.
And there’s ACCOMMODATION attached if you wish: www.foxfordairbnb.com

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