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Power Animal Shamanic Healing

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Power Animal Shamanic Healing


Power Animal Shamanic Healing

 Receive the strength and beauty of a power animal to assist you in your healing and empowerment. 

With me Michael Conneely, I can help you come into alignment with your power animal(s)
You can either
1) Have your Healing here, face to face at our Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo


2) Have a Worldwide Healing session when we get in touch anywhere in the world with one another via Zoom or Skype

Please make payment here at Shopify then email me asking for a Power Animal Shamanic Healing Session and describe your symptoms/history to me at michaelconneely@gmail.com. In the email, please can you send me a photo of yourself and also enclose your astrological natal data (date, time and place of birth).
I will then contact you back and I set up a face-to-face meeting or an internet contact appointment with you using zoom or skype.

Do not fear, You can be healed!
See below for a brief blog post about Power Animal Healing:

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