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Doshas, Health Astrology Mini Course 7

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Doshas, Your Health Astrology : Astrology Mini-Course 7


Learn about your Doshas. Enroll for my Astrology Mini Course 7

Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda are totally linked, and in this Astrology Mini Course, we establish your Dosha profile.

​This is a valuable exercise in terms of identifying illness-propensity, activity / exercise needs, dietary needs and psychological understanding. And naturally, we gear the declaration to any healing or empowerment that you might feel would be beneficial.
We establish the way your Doshas work in your life by examination of your planets, by using Dosha assessment methods and we also take into account cross-reference to your Western psychodynamic astrology.

The Doshas Signs are divided into the three biological humours of Ayurveda. It is related to disease propensities and activity recommendations as well as diet and is so worth studying:
Learn more about Astrology Mini Course #7, Your Doshas Study, here

Enroll on Michael Conneely's The Doshas Study Astrology Mini Course 7

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