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Dark Goddess Mini Astrology Reading

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Astrology Mini Reading -The Dark Goddess

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Mini Reading in Astrology With The Dark Goddess​​

It is good to work with the Dark Goddess at any time. There is so much of our wider or obscured truth that we can learn from Her, and if we do we heal and empower.

Saturn is the stern Lord of Karma. Saturn is Lord of Karma, enforcer of discipline, hard work, patience and structure.
But The Dark Goddess if the shape-shifter and weaver who brings us what we least expect, but for our own good, and she calls us to be strong and look her in the eye.
Kali is the loving Mother who helps us see the divine meaning in the times of adversity and the battlefields that we will encounter in our life: situations which can give us an opportunity to die to our egoic self and become the Spiritual Warrior we incarnated this time to become.
Niritti is the dancing graveyard Goddess, whose gaze none of us can shirk from meeting with courage and truth. She is the dark apparently capricious bringer of Chaos, bringer of Death: bringer of death of what must now die in our life.

Niritti dances all over our Saturn tram-lines. She shimmers shrieking into our consciousness showing us undreamt of whole new areas of rebirth and exploration, and she devastates now what must die in our life. In an instant, She offers us the chance to be strong! Her corybantic dance is the dance of death – and rebirth in our life.
Are you strong enough to gain the Dark Goddess’ respect? Be prepared to work hard and be diligent, yet ALSO absolutely be open to the whispers and chinks and tsunamis of new inspiration, death of some of the old in your life, and change!
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