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Astrology Mini Reading - Sade Sate

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Astrology Mini Reading - Sade Sate

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Astrology Mini Reading - Sade Sate​​

Sade Sate is the seven-and-a-half-year period when Saturn transits through the Vedic signs before your Moon in your birth chart, over your Moon in your birth chart, and the sign after the Moon in your Vedic birth chart.

Sade Sate is intense when Saturn is on top of Moon. Keep yourself secure. Expect the mind to not work properly. Expect pessimism and problems. It is a tough time and a time to be careful making decisions. It is a time when things die in your life, and a time of separations and big moves.

The divine purpose of Sade Sate is to allow us to feel that we are ‘cut off from God’s grace, so that we can see ourselves more as we really are, and undergo experiences that can be gateways to needed change, better perception and spiritual growth.

Track your Sade Sate. Some challenges will be experienced. Emotional and financial pressures will be expected. Keep emotional and financial reserves at the Sade Sate time. Keep yourself and your mind secure. Some of its periods can be searing and unhappy; others are ‘fool’s paradise’. In either case we have to develop our spiritual perception and awareness.

Sade Sate is like going down into a pit, being cut off from God’s grace but for salvific purposes so as to see yourself as you are. There’s often separation or death experienced in the circle. You may grasp at things but not attain them. However, there are spiritual rewards.

It is essential to plan for the possibility of financial shortage or problems, as well as for possible large unexpected expenses.

Enrol for my caring and perceptive Sade Sate mini-reading.
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