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Astrology Mini Reading - Gunas

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Astrology Mini Reading - Qualities of My Nature (Gunas)

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​​Astrology Mini Reading - Qualities of My Nature - The Gunas
​This one hour recorded Astrology Mini-Reading, comes complete with charts and reports
comprises an  Astrology Reading based on the Gunas in Vedic Astrology, and with full Western Astrology cross-referencing as well.

This Mini Astrology Reading considers The key Qualities that drive your Life
​In Vedic Astrology, there’s the powerful description of the three 'Gunas': the different qualities of our nature. This valuable Astrology Mini Reading reveals how these key qualities drive your life, so that you can identify them, heal and empower as you learn about them.
Read more about this exciting mini reading based around Gunas here:

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