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About Starwheel Astrology

About Starwheel Astrology and Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely has been working in the Astrology and Earth Spirituality fields for many decades now. He is certainly one of the most knowledgeable teachers in these fields in the World.

Michael's Astrology Readings are more informative and insightful than many others you will come across today. Michael cleverly combines the Western Astrology schools with the more ancient Vedic Astrology Schools to give you a deep insight into your character and true nature.

Michael lives in Foxford, Mayo, Ireland with his partner, Maggie Pashley.
Maggie is a healer and counselor who works with Michael to provide you with access to enabling tools to change your life.

Maggie and Michael have been working together for many years now and have many success stories to share.

Michael has a number of other domains which you can view from these links below:

Michael Is Very Active on Social Media and Assisted by Robert Williams with SEO/SMM

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