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Quit Smoking

Maggie Pashley

Stop Smoking Sessions with Maggie Pashley


If you’re ready to ditch those fags, then make it easy on yourself. Hypnotherapy is probably the most effective way of freeing yourself from smoking. Imagine how it will feel to call yourself a non-smoker again and walk past those cigarette kiosks without a glance, be able to stay warm indoors while the smokers brave the elements outside the pub.

I use advanced techniques to discover what smoking means to you and to provide you with something much better so you feel motivated and inspired to become a non-smoker and to stay a non-smoker.

The vast majority of my clients stop smoking easily and without cravings after only one session. But rest assured that if you do need a booster, you can come back free of charge.

The session involves a relaxed chat where I find out more about you so I can tailor-make the session for maximum impact for you. Then on to the hypnosis part where you’ll be in a very natural, relaxed state, perfectly aware of everything going on but very receptive to making that big step to becoming a non-smoker. That’s not a ex-smoker, but a non-smoker, somebody who doesn’t think about smoking or identify themselves with cigarettes or tobacco.

Some frequently asked questions and concerns:

I’m frightened of putting on weight if I stop smoking. Is that likely to happen?

I address the underlying reasons for smoking, give you empowering ways of dealing with stress and challenges and positive suggestions for healthy eating and portion control. So you should find yourself feeling much fitter and healthier.

When I stopped smoking last time I felt irritable..

Going cold turkey or using patches doesn’t address any underlying stresses, or give you any new strategies. Rather than feeling deprived, with hypnosis people can feel really surprised at how good they feel.

Do you offer a guarantee?

No. I’m there to help you and to make it as easy as possible but I can’t take responsiblity for your actions. You do have to work with me and put in some effort yourself but you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be. I do spend considerable time at the beginning of the sensation really understanding what cigarettes and smoking mean to you so I can provide you with a very personalised session.

My job is to help you become a non-smoker in the easiest possible way. For the cost of around a month’s worth of cigarettes, let me help you to become free of this habit and feel healthier and happier, save a fortune, and know that you are doing the best for you and your family.

So call me today on 07939118136 or 01535 957493 or email me at maggiepashley@gmail.com today to book your session.

Current fees:

Stop smoking: £145

I practice in Silsden, West Yorkshire and offer skype distance sessions

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