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EFT  Tapping Session with Maggie Pashley

Maggie Pashley

EFT Tapping Session with Maggie Pashley


EFT sessions in Silsden, West Yorkshire

Distance worldwide via Skype or Zoom

Emotional Freedom Techniques commonly know as EFT tapping is a relatively new and revolutionary way of dealing with all manner of things ranging from anxiety, phobias, trauma and self-defeating patterns, as well as defeating patterns, headaches and physical tension. Results are generally permanent even for long-term issues. I’ve been using EFT since 2001 and find it one of the most useful and empowering

A session involves gentle tapping on meridian points while focussing on the problem. It is gentle and easy to learn. Usually only a few sessions are required and sometimes one is enough. Once learnt, you can also continue to use it on yourself as a self-help tool. EFT was developed by Gary Craig and is based on pioneering work by Dr Roger Callahan.

How can EFT help me?

EFT can be used for all manner of things as it addresses the underlying energetic imbalance or stress reaction to a particular situation. Here is just a small selection of ways in which I have worked with clients to feel more empowered:

  • boosting confidence
  • overcoming nerves to public speaking, flying, driving test, exams, interview, medical procedure, new job, dating, self-assertion (I know it is a quite a mixed bag and this is just a small selection - I have an interesting job!)
  • helping with childbirth and also fertility issues
  • improving relationships
  • overcoming phobias such as spiders, needles, fear of blushing
  • changing habits such as smoking, clearing cravings, procrastinating 
  • gaining more clarity into a situation
  • clearing blocks to receiving

How many sessions are needed?

It depends on the complexity of the issue. Sometimes one session may be enough or a few sessions may be required. My aim is to help you in the shortest number of sessions and in as complete and holistic way as possible. I can also give you guidelines on how to use EFT for self-help between sessions and will send you an overview sheet with the tapping points illustrated plus simple instructions.


£50 per session

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