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Healing Sessions with Maggie Pashley

Astrology can reveal a great deal about our life, highlight strengths and pinpoint challenges. It can be really helpful to have support through a difficult transit, ways of dealing with challenging aspects or simply help at bringing out our own magic. Maggie Pashley works with her partner, astrologer Michael Conneley, to complement the work he does and offer healing sessions. 

Maggie has been working as a therapist, coach, healer and workshop facilitator since 1985. She is trained in a wide range of modaliites and her breadth of expertise and versatility allow her to tailor a session to meet your needs, which may change from session to session. Her focus is always on empowering you to discover your own answers and uncover your unique gifts.

Her training includes hypnotherapy, EFT, life coaching, Emotion Code and Body Code, Access Consciousness Bars®, Access Consciousness Body Processes®, Metamorphic Technique and other bodywork and healing approaches.

She offers distance sessions, via Skype or phone in Body Code and Emotion Code (including the wonderful Heart Wall Clearing), hypnotherapy, EFT and clearing sessions and face-to-face sessions in Access Bars®, Access Body Processes®, Metamorphic Technique and healing at her home in Silsden, West Yorkshire.

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or contact Maggie on 07939118136 (UK number) or email maggiepashley@gmail.com