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The Irish Druid Fire Festivals


The Irish Druid Fire Festivals

Course 5 of The Druid Forest School:
The aim of these modules is to enable you to make an honest and authentic personal understanding of the nature and energy of each of the festivals. You have here a chance to develop your own personal and enriching understanding and practice. Festivals are a mixture of ritual and vision work, understanding of deity and connection to the earth and its cycles. Their celebration can be life-changing, healing and empowering.

I want to create a space for people to develop their own power, understanding and practice, free from reading from pre-written set speeches etc. As with all my courses, sharing from your personal western and Vedic natal and predictive astrology can be much food for thought and guidance and is a very special bonus. You can deepen your connection with the spiritual heritage of the ancient Irish, and connection to their festivals is part of this. We can create community around this task where each person can flower in their practice.

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