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Magical Will Course

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Magical Will Course

Meet Your True Self:

I believe there is a True You which you incarnated this time for you to achieve, as well as also working to make good any negative scripts from the past. Indeed, there is an akashic record which holds the details of our past lives, and offers sense of a blueprint of whom we were born to become and achieve in this life.

My Magical Will Course has 4 Modules. It starts with meeting your True Self through vision work, and then the further modules offer ways of sustaining and building the connection to your True Self, including through any testing period that may follow.

Why have I created this Magical Will Course?

Recently, I have been gifted two experiences of contacting the 'healed me', my True Self, the first experience through vision, then the second experience through feeling energies from rocks in sacred places in the West of Ireland where I live.

I felt these two experiences were intense and powerfully healing, in respect of my own life issues. Unless we heal these sorts of wounds, then we will be held back from the full expression of the accomplishment we incarnated to express.

Module 1: Vision Creation

So, for Module 1: Vision Creation, you read the presentation document, then listen to the audio for module 1 and do the Journey it talks you through: the Vision Creation Journey.

You do the journey and then let me know how you got on. I reply to you, cross-referring to insights from your Vedic and also Western psychodynamic and evolutionary astrology, and at that point I send you module 2.

We then go on to do the needed work to amplify and sustain this vision connection in the follow-up modules. These are:

Module 2: Creating a Sigil
Module 3: Creating and using a Wand
Module 4: Experiencing healing Earth Energies

When enrolling, please email me telling me that you have enrolled.
Include your astrological natal data: Place, date and time of birth
Let me know your present location.

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you


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