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Earth Spirituality Courses

Earth Spirituality Courses

  • Learn the power of the Runes
  • Learn the tree-energies, mystical journeys and Otherworlds of the Ogham
  • Reconstruct the vision, world view, healing, ritual and magic of the Ancient Irish Druid

These wonderful visionary courses can vastly transform, heal and empower us. 
Michael Conneely has studied deeply in the spiritual paths of the Ancient Irish, the Norse and Vikings, as well as Western Shamanism and Western and Vedic Astrology. For over twenty years he has worked as a teacher of courses in these areas, as well as a practitioner. Michael has five university degrees including an Oxford University MA, and he has completed a five-year social-anthropological
field study of spiritual forms new to the modern West. Indeed, from his Grandmothers in both the West of Ireland and the Danzig Corridor area of the Baltic Coast he inherits an intuitive tradition.

Explore new gateways into discovering and realizing the nature of your self through these ancient paths. Learn the power of Divination through the Runes and the ancient Ogham Alphabet. You receive full learning materials. As a very special benefit, insights from both your Western and Vedic astrology are introduced into the teaching of the courses.

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