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Learn Astrology with Michael Conneely, Astrology Courses

Michael Conneely's Courses are in both Western and Vedic Astrology, from Beginner to Advanced Levels, with in depth materials. Find your true path. All courses are certified.
Michael Conneely’s courses are learned and his teaching method is very caring. You receive full charts, the course manual, as well as a free series of webinars which cover each topic.
You are offered an assignment to complete for each module you cover.
All assignments are completed with reference to two charts: Michael’s astrology chart and your own chart. This means that because all topics are studied with reference to the charts of two live flesh and blood people, this ensures that our study is grounded and authentic, as well as accurate deep and thorough.

A wide range of teaching methods is offered to ensure the most powerful connection possible is made to each topic being studied. These can include such powerful and graphic gateways to full appreciation of the issue under question as art work and embodiment work, connection to myth, psychodynamic techniques and an amazing range of interpretative techniques. Each student can include crossover from western astrology to Vedic Astrology should they wish.
In all cases, there is connection to healing and empowerment modalities to the extent that this may be felt useful or necessary.

Michael has five university degrees including an Oxford University MA, and he has completed a five-year social-anthropological field study of spiritual forms new to the modern west. The purpose of your astrology course is to generate powerful perception as well as all healing and empowerment that may be needed for each facet of your life that you study.

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