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The Moon in your Vedic Birth Chart: Webinar

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The Moon in your Vedic Birth Chart: Webinar


Learn Vedic Astrology Level 1: Moon Webinar

Learn Vedic Astrology.
Learn about the Moon in your Vedic Birth Chart.
If you do buy any of these webinar Videos, you can get it as a refund on enrolling for a
reading or a course.

The principles underlying my Master Vedic Astrology Foundation Course is that you study
the Planets of Vedic Astrology Planet by Planet, with reference to two charts: yours and
mine. There is an extensive Course Handbook plus the Webinars. There is such caring and
individual teaching. You can cross-refer to your Western astrology if you wish: both
psychodynamic and Evolutionary western astrology. Always there is connection to Mantra
and a huge range of diverse learning techniques if you wish such as art work and
embodiment, as well as a range of healing techniques and ways of empowerment.
In the Vedic Level 1 Moon Webinar Video you hear about the Planets as Karma, comparison
between The Moon and The Sun, The Moon as your Mother and your ‘Consciousness arising
therefrom’, the Moon as the emotional and instinctive side of your mind (Manas), the
influences, memories and impressions of the past, and how we instinctively express our ego,
feelings and emotions. The strength or weakness of the Moon in our birth chart reflects the
strength or weakness of the mind.

In the webinar video, there is a review of some of the many rules and techniques of how to
evaluate a planet in your Vedic birth chart, the planets and the three Gunas (Rajas, Tamas and
Sattva), the planets and the five elements, how the Sun is the soul (atma) and the Moon is the
mind (Manas), and how mental and psychic disturbances of the mind and soul can be
indicated, and how these may be managed, healed and overcome. Afflictions to the Moon
show personality disorders, difficulties in relating to other people, and emotional
disturbances. You learn the planets as Karakas or ‘Indicators’ for different areas of your life,
and also the wonderful visionary Charakarakas: how the planets act as indicators like
Atmakaraka’ your Soul Indicator’ or ‘Darakaraka’ the indicator for you as lover, and it is so
valuable to see how these two alone compare, as well as all the rest of the indicators. You
learn what it is to have AN ‘Isolated Moon’ and how to heal that. You learn Phase of The
Moon (a hugely significant issue in your life) plus the ways to interpret the Moon’s House
Position, Sign Position and also its Nakshatra Position: the meaning in your life of the
Nakshatra the Moon falls in in your Vedic birth chart: the wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of
Vedic Astrology.
This is such a fascinating video. The course it relates to is so caringly taught and brings you
from level to level of expertise.

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