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In Depth Astrology Readings

In Depth Astrology Readings

Harness these powerful in-depth Worldwide Astrology Readings from Michael Conneely and discover your true path, your destiny. Come to a better understanding of self.

To find out the full details about Michael's Astrology Readings, and his qualifications and services, you can go to his website at: www.starwheelastrology.com (opens in a new tab so you can stay on this page)

If you wish to ask any questions first, simply drop Michael Conneely a line by sending an email to michaelconneely at gmail.com

These readings have the exceptional bonus that they combine Western with Vedic Astrology and connect to healing and empowerment, for the benefit of your life as a whole

You will receive a recording of the reading, very detailed reports (if applicable) and every opportunity for email discussion and follow-up afterwards.

You can buy a reading for a friend too.
Simply click to make the payment and email Michael Conneely the name and natal data of your friend/relative:

Sample Reports:
Natal Vedic Report 1
Natal Western Report 2
Predictive Vedic Report 3
Predictive Western Report