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The Astrology of Love and Relationships Course (Vedic Astrology Level 3)


Option 5 - The Astrology of Love and Relationships Course
(Vedic Astrology Level 3)

This Astrology of Love and Relationships course is a great and very special offering. You can transform your perception into your relationship, identify strategies for growth in love and help other people in their relationships. This is such an exceptional and a very special and worthwhile course. It studies Vedic relationship astrology from basics to a level far beyond the Ashta Kuta system.
AND, most importantly: it also cross refers to psychodynamic western relationship astrology of relationships, if you wish.
You will develop power and clarity in your insight into relationship. Your astrological knowledge will greatly increase, as will the vastness of your perception. You open yourself to your life becoming open to ease, joy and glory.

The direction of study is clear and straightforward: as always in my courses, each item of study is referred to two relationship charts: the chart for your relationship and the chart for my relationship. This is to keep the interpretation grounded and authentic by linking it to the lives of two flesh and blood couples.
And, as always, the whole project is geared to healing and empowerment.
Always the formulaic or legalistic style of vedic Astrology is avoided in favour of perception of the highest possibilities of each state of energy or consciousness that Vedic Astrology so accurately declares.
As always, there is most caring support.
There are course webinars as well.

Link to Healing and Empowerment:
Please do also note that the declaration we make is always geared to the creation of best outcome: to ways of finding the hidden gold of success in the face of destined challenge. To whatever extent you need, healing and empowerment techniques are indicated in relation to the situations in our lives that this relationship astrology course expertly and accurately identifies.

Relationship Interpretative techniques:
Here is a summary of just some of the relationship interpretive techniques you will learn in this course option:

Initial Assessment:
The Relationship Promise of each chart: We form a preliminary view of the scope for relationships, the type of relationship being sought and the scope for development of love. This preliminary assessment includes: Karmic ties, the importance of the nature of the Moon in each chart, the love potential of the birth chart, such factors as: Ascendant (Lagna), Atmakaraka (soul indicator), Arudha Lagna (the way a person appears to project into the world, the love-promise of the different Houses in the rashi (birth) chart, assertion issues (Mars and Kuja dosha) and the Navamsha (9th Harmonic, divisional or ‘varga’ chart) will very much be activated by being in relationship and must be studied carefully. Especial study of malefic effect of 64th Navamsha and transits over it.

Ashta Kuta: the Vedic Relationships Astrology System: We start with a comparison essentially geared to assessment of the Moon of each of the couple, and one comparative dimension based on the Mars of each person. This is based on the Nakshatra or ‘Lunar sign’ the Moon occupies in each of the two natal charts:

Also such wonderful and powerful techniques as: the Ashtakavarga score for each House in the couple’s chart, to see if the man will compensate for the woman’s weak areas and vice versa. The Ashtakavarga system is a way of giving strength points to each sign in a person’s birth chart to see how strong or weak that sign will manifest in his/her life. The A7 Lagna. What is each looking for in relationship? How will each naturally behave in relationship? The Darapada: We look at the implications for the relationship of the Darapada for each of the couple. The upapada: We also look at the Upapada for each of the couple. The Upapada is the indicator for the 12th House. Predictive unfoldment: We look at each of the couple’s predictive astrology to see what effect transits and predictive periods will have on relationship issues. Sun and Ascendant (Lagna) study of the couple: Next in our study of Vedic comparison, we take into account the comparison of the Sun and then the Ascendant (Lagna) of the couple, and the Vedic chart overall.

Also: Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology:
I believe that Vedic Relationships Astrology is the more vast, sure and powerful than Western Astrology, but Vedic Astrology is not enough. I believe that for the best relationships report, you must have BOTH western and Vedic Astrology expertly combined. Wonderful though the declaration by Vedic Astrology is, you do need to bring Western Relationships astrology into the picture as well.
Optionally, therefore if you wish, we can bring into this course study facets from western astrology such as the following:
Chiron: How Chiron the Wounded healer works in the two charts.

Outer Planets: How the outer planets that are outside Vedic astrology will operate in the area of relationship: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The effect of a Neptune opposition onto one of the other partner’s planets is particularly crucial.
Psychosynthesis and sub-personalities: We can also bring in western psychodynamic astrology, for example the effect of psychosynthesis and subpersonalities.

Evolutionary Astrology:
And of course, I also like to bring in Western Evolutionary Astrology. Western Evolutionary Astrology delineates the psychological dimensions of incarnational life purpose that are so clearly defined by Vedic Nodal astrology, and how each interact in terms of the relationship issues and growth of the couple.

Here’s some information on Ashta Kuta: the Vedic Relationships Astrology System

This Course Option is part of my Advanced Vedic astrology Course, so you do need to know something about Vedic astrology in order to be able to do it. I do have earlier Vedic astrology courses: there's my Foundation Level 1 Master Vedic Astrology Course and my Level 2 Nakshatras Advanced Course if you need to do introductory study.

Teaching Approach:
I offer you the caring one-to-one teaching based on the Oxford Tutorial system that I myself benefited from in the 1960s. I have five university degrees including an M.A. from Oxford University. Oxford University specialises in the Oxford Tutorial method which is totally individual and designed to bring out the very best in your learning. My postgraduate degrees include psychology and sociology. I have deeply studied spiritual forms and pathways. For five years I worked in a university-based social anthropological field study focussing on individuals and communities/institutions following spiritual paths new to the modern West. I now run a Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo in the West of Ireland together with my partner: Healer Maggie Pashley. I specialise in good dialogue with my students and ensure that they are always fully helped to find the right information and approach to suit their needs.

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